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At Affida, we help our clients recognize, understand, and correct any and all telecommunication concerns through a combination of well-versed, advanced-level professionals and their experience in the industry.  With a wide variety of resources, methods and information, Affida has become a reputable and respected source of consultation in the IT and telecommunication community. 

With roughly three decades of service behind us, and being an active piece to the constantly changing technological puzzle, Affida prides itself on its continuous efforts to keep knowledgeable and active, properly altering approaches and re-engineering strategies to provide its clients with the most accurate and efficient advice.

Each project is properly documented with the appropriate parameters of each client's goals, objectives, and ambitions.  Affida tailors its methods to fit the style, needs, values and business to every client it serves through education and effective project design with a successful and mutually beneficial outcome.  It understands the necessity of innovation and modernization in telecommunication consultation and will provide unparalleled service.

Affida Corporation employs only experienced industry veterans.  The principals have held executive level positions at major carriers and entrepreneurial firms alike.  Operations, Development and Consulting are among the divisions they have led.  This breadth of experience uniquely qualifies Affida to assist customers with their decision making process regardless of complexity.  This experience also has the additional benefit of profound knowledge of the industry, loyal relationships and access to the executive teams at most carriers to ensure negotiations and escalations are handled quickly and productively.
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Affida Corporation's sister companies were created to better serve our clients
Spencer Hill Communications is a leading telecommunications service provider composed of the industry's most valuable resources.  For over a decade, Spencer Hill's team of loyal and knowledgeable executive-level insiders have worked diligently to keep clients nationwide consistently connected.  Through a wide range of state-of-the-art technology, uniquely designed services, and in-house techniques, Spencer Hill will provide you with invaluable support. 
TelecomDR is a business continuity and disaster recovery firm employing state of the art technologies to ensure your business is always up and always accessible.  Wireless back-up, hosted ACD and phones, SIP trunks, email management solutions, and cloud services are just some of the services that TelecomDR utilizes to keep your business, in business.