Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who will I be working with?


    One or more of Affida's team members will consult with you. Affida's team is comprised of extremely skilled individuals who have previously held executive-level positions in the telecommunications industry and are happy to assist you.
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    What is the significance of hiring a consultant?


    Consultants help you make your business, better. They have been educated and trained specifically to provide you with intuitive insight and innate analysis on any and all projects your company wants to execute successfully. If someone without this explicit background attempted to do a consultant's job, they would haphazardly waste your time and money.
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    What is the expected outcome of each consulting visit?


    We want to make your business, better. That's the bottom line. The expected outcome of each consulting visit is to accomplish something beneficial for you, to move forward towards development, and to teach as we go so that you could understand exactly what it is that we're doing for you.
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    Does Affida service all industries?


    Affida has serviced nearly every industry thus far and has produced exceptional results for each. To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not post the outcomes of their consultations or completed projects, however, if you're interested in obtaining some references, just give us a call today. We could gladly gather some for you.
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    How can Affida help me save money?


    Through a combination of Affida's highly trained staff, education in the industry, and state-of-the-art technology, we will determine exactly what it is that you're paying too much for, what you're spending too much of your time on, and where you should be putting your valuable resources.
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    How does Affida price its services?


    Prices are determined based on the length of time the service is being provided and the scope, requirements and complexity of the project.
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    What type of projects does Affida work on?


    Affida's team is skilled in every outlet of the telecommunications industry and can service any type of project in that realm. We are happy to assist you.
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    What happens after Affida completes a project?


    After our contracted job is complete, we will stay available and accessible to you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to address every question, comment and concern you may have.
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